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Arch Enemy - Despicable Heroes (текст песни)

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Despicable Heroes

I spit in your face, preachers and leaders
Spewing false dogma to their believers
A nation of wolves haunting the sheep
Their fangs in your flesh
So painful and deep

Despise your heroes
Living a lie
Despicable heroes
Fooling the blind
(Open your mind)

Puppets on strings, face on the ground
Nothing more than a shallow farce
Consume the young, thoughtless ones
Eat their brain, leave them blind
And then destroy

I spit in the face of your preachers and leaders
Spewing false dogma to their believers
A nation of fools, nothing but sheep
Their fangs in your flesh, so painful and deep.

@ Arch Enemy

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Испонитель: Arch Enemy
Название песни: Despicable Heroes
Количество просмотров: 109
Количество сообщений: 0

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