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Arch Enemy - Dark Of The Sun
Like insects of the night, we are drawn into......
Feeding off the starglow energy -......

Bloodsucker selling hope to the hopeless
Arch Enemy - Nemesis
We walk this earth
With fire in our hands
Eye for an eye
We are nemeses
Arch Enemy - Fields Of Desolation
On the fields of desolation
We are all alone
Crying in each others arms
In fear of the unknown
Arch Enemy - End Of The Line
Welcome to the circus
Leave your brain outside
Sit back - relax
As we feed you lies
Arch Enemy - Carry The Cross
We walk through the ages
The world on our shoulders
The burden we carry
To the dark end of our days
Arch Enemy - Cosmic Retribution
Behold the apocalypse
The end is closing in
Did you ever really doubt
That we would pay for our sins...
Arch Enemy - Silent Wars
This is killing us
Fighting the truth a losing battle
We believe in nothing
Just hatred for each other
Arch Enemy - Dead Inside
Spiritual Isolation - The ultimate......
Scratch the surface, tuurn another page
The ugly truth or another pretty lie
You deceived me, I believed you
Arch Enemy - Pilgrim
From the womb, to the tomb
An eternal struggle for the holy truth
We are not the first, nor shall we be the......
We shall be followed by thousands more
Arch Enemy - Instinct
The more I see - The less I believe
The more I hear - the less I care
This world we′ve created
has left me cold
Arch Enemy - Enemy Within
Dark thoughts rise up
Deep in your mind
The killing of hope
The end has begun
Arch Enemy - Ravenous
I am hunting for your soul
It dwells within your heart
I lacerate the pounding flesh
Your spirits shall be mine
Arch Enemy - Despicable Heroes
I spit in your face, preachers and leaders
Spewing false dogma to their believers
A nation of wolves haunting the sheep
Their fangs in your flesh
Arch Enemy - Saints And Sinners
Born with eyes
But they are not to see
Living on your knees
Choking on your spiritual agony
Arch Enemy - Slaves Of Yesterday
Monuments of dying dreams
As far away as Eden
These hours standing still
Finding comfort in a distant past
Arch Enemy - Eureka
Stumbling through
This complex puzzle that is my life
Thirsty for knowledge
But drinking from poisoned fountains
Arch Enemy - The First Deadly Sin
Step inside the circle of fire
Flames of desire enlighten the night
Follow your instinct
Burn and writhe in ecstasy
Arch Enemy - Let The Killing Begin
Anxiety prevails in the end
On deathrow awaiting my fate
Sacrificed upon the altars of justice
Part of the ritual of ultimate fear
Arch Enemy - Mechanic God Creation
The human race
Like a chromatic stain
Lost in concrete fields
Hybrids of steel
Arch Enemy - Black Earth
Across the lake of fire
Through the desserts of decay
The flames are burning higher
In this land of death you′re easy prey
Arch Enemy - Angelclaw
Angelclaw - A queen of the night
She reigns from her throne of stone
Bringer of evil, a destroyer of souls
Do what thou wilt, lust is her excuse
Arch Enemy - Skeleton Dance
On a journy ill
My mind floats astray
Over withered fields
I cross the river
Arch Enemy - Idolatress
These gardens of angst
In which I stand
Lost and confused
Hungry for more
Arch Enemy - Blood On Your Hands
You were born your brother′s keeper
Why can I see blood and your hands?
You became brother′s slayer
Embrace again in death.
Arch Enemy - My Apocalypse
Sudden implosion of silenced emotions
Buried beneath a scarred heart for too long
Delusions of hope fading away
Dying like leaves on frozen soil
Arch Enemy - Silverwing
Fly with me on a starlit sky
I′ll set you free... Yes, it can be
A dream unchased is a life at waste
Never let them conquer your pride
Arch Enemy - Tears Of The Dead
Hideous crimes, atrocities
The slaughter of millions - beyond belief
Those were dark times, so different from now
The law of evil ruled our fatherland
Arch Enemy - Savage Messiah
Meet your maker
Rising from the ashes
Like a phoenix to the sky
So intense, so glorious...
Arch Enemy - Machtkampf
Flying high on blackened wings
Vengeance in my eyes
Colder than steel, instantly real
A new power flows in me
Arch Enemy - Leader Of The Rats
Crawling in the slime
Dirt infested minds
Always second best, leader of the rats
Spreading their disease

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