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Anti-Flag - Death Of A Nation
When all you need was a little motivation
They pointed fingers and yelled dead......
When all you need was a little care
You get nothing but an old white hair bland......
Anti-Flag - Anatomy of Your Enemy
10 easy steps to create an enemy and start a......
Listen closely because we will all see this......
It can be used on a society of the most......
We need to see these tactics as a weapon......
Anti-Flag - 911 for Peace
Its in the paper every day
I see it in the headlines and I feel so......
As another life leaves this world (this......
But short
Anti-Flag - A New Kind Of Army
Look back...on history, nothing much has......
thousands...of soldiers of all countries,......
every nations leader says that our side is......
every nations leader says the time has come......
Anti-Flag - Bring Oout Your Dead
Spend a lifetime working for these people,
To make what they earn in one day.
There are options to choose,
I call it social progress, progress to not......

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911 for Peace — [Anti-Flag] (28.10.2012)
Anatomy of Your Enemy — [Anti-Flag] (28.10.2012)
Death Of A Nation — [Anti-Flag] (28.10.2012)
A New Kind Of Army — [Anti-Flag] (28.10.2012)
Bring Oout Your Dead — [Anti-Flag] (28.10.2012)

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