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Anggun - GO
Go away broken heart there′s no more......
go away endless tears i′ve no patience......
go away far from here take all your......
run as fast as you can, you won′t see......
Anggun - HUMAN
It might look like angels
But what it will surprise
Because inside its mottos
There′s a devil in disguised
Anggun - Saviour
Somewhere between my sleep
Somewhere beneath my skin
In places I can′t see
Something is known to be a sin
Anggun - My man
Boys like you, can stop playing with the......
Girls like me won’t stop trying to change......
If you wanna be my man (Ooh)
I will make you understand (Ooh)
I don′t want to believe
And i don′t want to live
By the excuses
Of your weakness
Anggun - Undress Me
When I can′t see right in your eyes
When I′m surrounded in the craziness......
When you′re understanding, is trying......
When I wear layers of my pride, you should
Anggun - COVER
This is wrong
Somehow the heat of the sun′s not as......
As the warmth I knew and could only belong
To the sky of my home
To the highest mountains
And through the deepest seas
And back to a long rocky road
I′ll always be with you
I don′t wear lipstick everyday
Only kisses decorate my smile
I don′t have long legs
I′m not tall
Anggun - Cesse La Pluie
Là-haut sur un nuage
Jamais sans me douter
Qu′éclaterait l′orage
Je n′ai pas vu le temps changer
Anggun - Breathing
I can′t count
Stars in the sky
Or climb the mountains
I can′t even swim all the seas
Life heals and bruises
Defends and abuses
Stares like a witness
A teacher, a temptress
Been turning around and play some foolish......
I let the fire but I didn′t keep the......
Looking back to see they′re all the......
Until the day I said your name
I catch your message
In my answering machine
Your voice in my head
Brings a smile on my face
Anggun - PAINTED
can′t cease the river from running to......
I can′t cease the thunder from......
I don′t have the power to gather the......
When I can′t cease the fire inside of......
Anggun - Echo (You and I) (Евровидение 2012......
J′entends l′écho de nos......
Marche au pas, jamais dans le même......
On avance, mais on court après quoi?
J′entends l′écho de nos......

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