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Angels And Airwaves - Rite Of Spring
I was locked all day in the summer heat,
In a small brown house in Suburban Street,
With a skateboard and my shit guitar,
I′d dream all day that they would get......
Angels And Airwaves - Love Like Rockets
(Due to the marvels of scientific advance,
my voice is coming to you from a satellite,......
Through this unique means I will convey to......
America′s wish for Peace on Earth.)
Angels And Airwaves - Lifeline
With an urgent, careful stare,
I see panic in those eyes.
If I see you lying there,
Hoping this was the last time
Angels And Airwaves - Heaven
I will run the streets and hostile lands
I will touch the rain with all I have
I will breathe the air, to scream it loud
My feet will never touch the ground.
Angels And Airwaves - Start The Machine
The ash set in then blew away
It’s getting lost into the sea
I grew so close to all the thoughts I had to......
I left the chill and voice of screams and......
Angels And Airwaves - Sirens
There′s a weakness in the window
Place my footprints in the dark room
There′s lonely voices like a scarecrow......
In the hallway like a lost ghost
Angels And Airwaves - Call To Arms
There′s a little black dark scar tire......
This is it, can you hear me?
Have you ever felt a sad heart buried alive?
You can do almost anything
Angels And Airwaves - Do It For Me Now
I′m frightened at night and the wind......
It seeps through the hall and from under the......
Like the shit that was said
I can′t take it that well
Angels And Airwaves - Distraction
I’ll be your distraction
I’ll be your distraction

There’s a field nearby
Angels And Airwaves - Good Day
We don′t need to whisper

I should have turned back
Angels And Airwaves - Valkyrie Missile
[Spoken transmissions:]
Do you hear me out there I can hear you.
I got you I can hear you alright.
This is so strange,
Angels And Airwaves - Breathe
A blue-black shade of love.
Sent from above.
My hands are tied, two worlds alone,
And this I know.
Angels And Airwaves - The Adventure
I wanna have the same last dream again,
the one where I wake up and I′m alive.
Just as the four walls close me within,
my eyes are opened up with pure sunlight.
Angels And Airwaves - Secret Crowds
(If I had my own world)
(I′d build you an empire)

If I had my own world
Angels And Airwaves - The Gift
There′s the strangest excitement......
if you′re awake then you′re......
I got a gift and it blew me away,
from the far eastern sea straight to here
Angels And Airwaves - It Hurts
It hurts... [x17]

Is this what you want?
′Cause everybody acts without a clue
Angels And Airwaves - True Love
(She′s scared...She′s a......

Yo eh, oh eh, oh eh, oh eh [x9]

Angels And Airwaves - A Little′s Enough
When all is said and done
Will we still feel pain inside?
Will the scars go away with night?
Try to smile for the morning light
Angels And Airwaves - Star Of Bethlehem
(What are you waiting for?)
Angels And Airwaves - Everything′s......
And do you ever feel like you′re......
And do you ever wish you′d be unknown?
I can say that I have..
I can say that I have..

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