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Angel Dust - Inhuman
With might the forceful makers build
Machines that will take control
Inhuman - They use us to
build and to guide them
Angel Dust - Beneath The Silence
A mind full of haunted shadows
Keeps away the painfull sleep
Light a candle for the sacred moment
Needless thoughts are in to deep
Angel Dust - The Human Bondage
Out of my darkness it′s rising in me
Discover s the feelings hidden so deep
I lose myself
Affection for sadness and longing for pain
Angel Dust - Black Rain
Blue sky- the sun is shining bright
Silence- the noises crystalsed
Freezing when you feel the frantic form
Breathe in the revenge for ancient sins
Angel Dust - The One You Are
Slip into my outfit
Dress up like it shall be
I′m correct, I′m an ideal
There are thousands to be led
Angel Dust - Unreal Soul
Starlight shines in another world
Spent my life in a dark dismay
It starts with you for what it′s worth
Can′t speak your name, or I go insane
Angel Dust - Coming Home
Here I am - back from nowhere
I don′t remember - everything
I′ve gone too far
There ain′t nothing left
Angel Dust - Addicted To Serenity
Here I am
Just a poor boys dream
My life′s lost in trouble
You know what I mean
Angel Dust - Come Into Resistance
I lay awake every night, thinking about what......
I already know we will surely come to a row
Agressions send out with might,
We will darken the light

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