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Amorphis - Brother Slayer (текст песни)

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Brother Slayer

Where have you been, where have you been
my son, my merry son?
On the seashore, on the seashore
mother, my darling one.

And what have you been doing there
my son, my merry son?
I have been watering my horse
mother, my darling one.

Why is there blood upon your feet
my son, my merry son?
My horse stamped with its iron shoe
mother, my darling one.

Why there is blood upon your sword
my son, my merry son?
I have stabbed my brother to death
mother, my darling one.

What now of you, where will you go
my son, my wretched son?
To other lands to foreign lands
my dame, my darling one.

When will you be returning home
my son, my wretched son?
When all the world to judgement comes
my dame, my darling one.

@ Amorphis

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Испонитель: Amorphis
Название песни: Brother Slayer
Количество просмотров: 123
Количество сообщений: 0

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