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Amber Pacific - If I Fall
This is for the ones who believes their......
Hoping then someday things will meant and be......
And this is for the ones who have lost it......
Is a simple reminder that the things that......
Amber Pacific - Follow Your Dreams And......
You’re more then what you make yourself to......
You’re holding back a side we′ve yet......
You’re buried six feet deep and no one cares
Ill show you how to sweep them off their......
Amber Pacific - Postcards
A quoted clever line like hope
I′ll take the final words you wrote
To make them feel like bliss...
As always as I′ll take the praise
Amber Pacific - Summer (In B)
It′s time to fake what you say
as you′re turning away
though it′s hard to be fake
facing you every day
Amber Pacific - Fall Back Into My Life
I know it′s not enough to say......
You know that I will miss you now......
I know it′s not your life to see this......
Just know that in my heart, it beats for you
Amber Pacific - Everything We Were Has......
Is this what you want
No words at all
Silent but sure of the things that you lost
Take all your words
Amber Pacific - Always You
I′ll hold a place for you and I
Inside my heart for you and I
I won′t forget these tears I cried
With every year that passes by
Amber Pacific - Watching Over Me
From your words, I can tell you’ve lost a......
No chance that we will make it, You’ve faked......
But I’m standing here before for you, as......
And I’m writing just to show you, there......
Amber Pacific - Save Me From Me
If you only knew the pain
The pain I keep inside
The pain that makes me "me"
Then without it who am I
Amber Pacific - Runaway
(feat. Mike Herrera Of Mxpx)
I can’t give you the moment, the chance to......
I won’t save this for tonight
I can’t give you the reason, the truth, or......
Amber Pacific - Always You (Good Times)
I′ll hold a place for you inside
Inside my heart for you and I
I won′t forget these tears I cry
With every year that passes by
Amber Pacific - Thoughts Before Me
So why should I take your hand when you......
It′s starting to get old
That story yet untold
Reflect before we walk into
Amber Pacific - Living Proof
You can take what you′ll say
I won′t care that you have reasons to......
That I′m living in this fear
You can take what you′ll say
Amber Pacific - Falling Away
I′m on my last breath
who′d have thought it′d be me
I′m leaving behind
Amber Pacific - The Right To Write Me Off
Can we make this last forever
With every word we′re growing distant
And I feel as though I have to let you know
It′s growing old to see us torn by......
Amber Pacific - Take Me From This Place
If only time could take away, the truth that......
It brings me back to what I’d hope for this......
Bur here and now, I’m on my own
I’ve lost the will to carry on, please shine......
Amber Pacific - Poetically Pathetic
Thinking of the words to say,
I′d like to think that this was fate.
Reference to a song you love,
Spell confusion with a ′k′.
Amber Pacific - The Last Time
I faintly remember yesterday,
Oh so close yet far away,
From the lives that we once etched in stone
Who would think that it would last
Amber Pacific - Temporary
Temporary, but thats the way it has to be
Its in my heart, i felt your world just come......
As if you′re out on your last breath
And slowly fading with these days we choose......
Amber Pacific - Letters Of Regret
I′m lost for you
With every moment stays true
I′d go as far as to say that I miss......
So far away
Amber Pacific - The Sky Could Fall Tonight
You don′t care about impossible
Something I wish I could learn from you
Write me down is the best idea you had
Watch the fire fly cause I struck the match......
Amber Pacific - Gone So Young
I never dreamt it′d be this way
I lost any chance for me to say
To say that I miss you, say that I love you
Will someone please tell me I′m okay
Amber Pacific - Here We Stand
Here we stand again
Another day has passed us
With its lack of change
And all we have is what we share
Amber Pacific - You′re Only Young Once
Cheers to the day I′m on my way
I′m living inside with the words you......
It′s killing me
How you′re always bringing me now
Amber Pacific - Can′t Hold Back
I′ve come to accept
The fact from my head
I′m lost and alone in this life that......
I′ll figure this out
Amber Pacific - For What It′s Worth
I′m taking it in
I′m holding it back
I′m filling my lungs with a knife in......
But you kept going on just to make me feel......
Amber Pacific - Leaving What You Wanted
Will we ever know if only backwards could......
Why not try it just once and hope that we......
Even though we′re running from what......
We still stand a chance to change our lives
Amber Pacific - Dear ____, This Has Always......
To everything in life that has an end
I hope you′ve made the best of your......
The ones who matter most, the ones who cared
You′re in a world that′s hard to......
Amber Pacific - We Think Were Hardcore,......
I can′t give you the moment, the......
I won′t save this for tonight
I can′t give you the reason, the truth......
But I will keep you in my site.

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