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Aly & AJ - Potential Breakup Song
It took too long
It took too long
It took to long for you to call back
And normally I would just forget that
Aly & AJ - If I Could Have You Back
On the subject of you being gone forever
I still can′t believe it, I......
I should just stop counting days
On the subject of the future
Aly & AJ - Rush
Into your head, into your mind
out of your soul, race through your veins
You can′t escape, you can′t......
Aly & AJ - Bullseye
Everybody′s trying to get to me
Every guy is all for the kill
I′m the type of girl worth pursuing
But I won′t be caught standing still,I......
Aly & AJ - Chemicals React (Remix)
You make me feel
Out of my element
Like I′m walking on broken glass
Like my world′s spinning in slow......
Aly & AJ - Tears
Big tears fall down like puddles
When something cuts it bleeds
Big storms leave towns in rubbles
Shore just recedes
Aly & AJ - Flattery
Please, don′t flatter yourself
You′re not the only one
This heart has ever felt
Please, don′t exaggerate
Aly & AJ - I′m Here
No one needs to know how we feel
No one needs to understand
Cause they can′t have a hold on us
It′s not just any kind of love
Aly & AJ - Division
You chose to surrender
the best thing that′s happened to you
What were you missing?
Were you just tripping?

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