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Alter Bridge - Break Me Down (текст песни)

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Break Me Down

It′s too late the time has come
I′ve kept this inside me for way too long
Silence will leave me cold
Lost on a highway that never takes me home

I want to step aside
I want to give it up
Before I lose it all
It′s tearing me inside
The way you break me down

Oh there will come a time
When I will come undone
And you will let me fall
I′ll leave it all behind
Before you break me down

The weight of a thousand lies
Promises broken haunt me all the time
You say that you′re sure to change
But that black heart reveals that
You′ll always stay the same


I realize
Is calling
It′s calling

I′ve denied
The reason
I′m falling
I′m falling

So let go


@ Alter Bridge

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Испонитель: Alter Bridge
Название песни: Break Me Down
Количество просмотров: 101
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