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Aloha From Hell - You
So what
I don’t need that attitude
Can’t stop thinking of you
’Cause i’m always
Aloha From Hell - Can You Hear Me Boys
Guys out in Aloha nation
Look at me, I got a lot that I wanna say
Because I´m gonna scream out
All the information
Aloha From Hell - No More Days To Waste
Do you mind if I blow up their rainbows
Make a joke and crack up till it hurts
Do you mind if I like talk forever
We gonna go where no one ever goes
Aloha From Hell - Catch Me If You Can
Too fast, too furious, too strong
Too slick, too hard to get along
Too weird - don′t know where you......
Too much, too right up in your face
Aloha From Hell - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
I come home in the morning light
my mother says when you gonna live your life......
oh mother dear we′re not the fortunate......
and girls they want to have fun
Aloha From Hell - Fear Of Tomorrow
Sometimes you seem so happy, so happy to me
But i know behind your smile is a face i......
When you′re feeling all alone and no......
You crie for all the things you′ve......
Aloha From Hell - Wake Me Up
Wake me up. This pain is just too real.
The fear is destroying me.

A boy, a girl loved each other. I loved so......
Aloha From Hell - How Come You Are The One
i′m not in love with you
i told myself a thousand times
nothing to save or lose
still i can′t get you out of my mind
Aloha From Hell - Walk Away
I can′t undo what I have done.
I can not say what I have said.
Can′t take it back,
It′s alittle late.. Now.
Aloha From Hell - Hello, Hello
We were best friends, we were two of a kind
But I´m sayin′ goodbye, this is......
You open your mouth, girl you wanna be cool
You´re such a drama queen, think......
Aloha From Hell - Don′t gimme that
Don′t gimme that
Aa-aah, aa-aah, aa-aah
Don′t gimme that
Aa-aah, aa-aah, aa-aah
Aloha From Hell - Don′t Hurt Yourself
You always take a different way
Without facing consequences
I wonder if your hide away
Has high fences

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