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Allister - Stuck
late night
long day
somehow it′s never quite enough
and maybe
Allister - Blackout
It′s frightening
How you can see the changes happening
When they move so fast
And lightning
Allister - A Lotta Nerve
Close the door, turn off the light
You′ll never see the bloodshot eyes
Cause you never come around
The pictures that had lined the halls
Allister - Remember
Remember the moment you face
Is it all straight ahead or behind you?
Well maybe if you look around
You′ll see everything′s......
Allister - Better Late Than Never
I′m writing this song to tell you that......
Because I know you never thought that......
I know its unfair to ask for you to wait for......
But I don′t have a real job and......
Allister - Don′t think twice
Take these promises I′ve made
And hold them strong
Don′t think twice about those things......

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Stuck — [Allister] (28.10.2012)
Blackout — [Allister] (28.10.2012)
Better Late Than Never — [Allister] (28.10.2012)
A Lotta Nerve — [Allister] (28.10.2012)
Remember — [Allister] (28.10.2012)
Don′t think twice — [Allister] (28.10.2012)

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