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Alien Ant Farm - Rubber Mallet (текст песни)

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Rubber Mallet

Cable cars run through my mind.
I think up north on Valentine.
Maybe we drink to old friends.
You should go, she′s on my mind again.
I lost my only enemy.
So I reminisce thoughts, try and be true.
Takes me back when I had to choose, and I don′t ever lose.
Someone′s makin me love and I don′t think it′s you.
Sleep, and I don′t ever dream.
Someone caught me lying and I don′t ever dream.
Indecision breaks my vision, and I don′t give a damn.
Reminisce thoughts, try and be true.
Then I played you out like a rubix cube,
and I don′t ever lose.
Someones′ making me love and I don′t think it′s you.
Free from all disease now I′m clean.
You just punched a hole and it won′t seem to bleed.
Only the two of us.

@ Alien Ant Farm

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Испонитель: Alien Ant Farm
Название песни: Rubber Mallet
Количество просмотров: 101
Количество сообщений: 0

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