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Alexisonfire - Heading For The Sun
They are the nameless victims of a......
Searching for somewhere to exist
Held captive by our mistakes
Weak and unable to resist
Alexisonfire - No Rest
We greet each day with bloodshot eyes
The dirt of our labor still clingin’ to......
Filled with our warped intentions
The tread of our shoes filled with foreign......
Alexisonfire - White Devil
Hey kids, we got a new white devil
And it goes in your fucking nose

Story goes
Alexisonfire - 44. Caliber Love Letter
Sifting through weathered photo albums
(Does it make a difference?)
Looking for gloriously aged polaroids
(This is the way it is)
Alexisonfire - Accidents
I′m not sure what′s worse
The waiting or the waiting room
"You′re next sir" becomes a cruel......
recycled air, the smell of sleep and......
Alexisonfire - Side Walk When She Walks
Dressed to kill, you look so right
I am drunk with lust tonight
Your wounds are opening wide
And they might be just my size
Alexisonfire - No Transitory
I′m in a constant state of getting cut
So why don′t I feel anything?!

This is a violation
Alexisonfire - Counterparts And Number Them
They lied to you.
When they said you couldn′t breathe......
(So here it is, the end is near)
Alexisonfire - Sweet Leaf
Won′t you listen?

When I first met you, didn′t realize
Alexisonfire - You Burn First
I said, "cover me if there is a fire,
′Cause I want you to burn first"
She screamed at me, "I want to be desired"
I said easy girl, "I know it hurts"
Alexisonfire - Midnight Regulations
I find myself concerned
For the common man, these days
Evil are the minds
That push the divide
Alexisonfire - Emerald Street
Pregnant teens on the Barton street bus
Hard-up people living off crust
And there’s a beat-up town car - it’s......
Hard soles are kicking up dust
Alexisonfire - Mailbox Arson
Your mail′s not safe in this town
Your mail′s not safe in this town
Your mail′s not safe in this town
Your mail′s not safe in this town
Alexisonfire - Control
This burden′s not a heavy one
But I assure you, it′s present
This burden′s not a heavy one
But I assure you
Alexisonfire - That Girl Possessed
We won′t forget that girl possessed
We won′t forget that girl possessed

Alexisonfire - Young Cardinals
Strange things happen in the nighttime hour
Yesterday′s buds are tomorrow′s......
Those who speak numbers, refuse the great......
Alexisonfire - Old Crows
Old crows ride in the mouth of the beast
Sleep beneath its tongue, cradled by its......
We roam from shore to shore
From the open sky to the ocean floor
Alexisonfire - Keep It On Wax
I, I guess, the only thing cheap to you was......
You can always make new friends
Oh well oh well
But when you sell them out will they be......
Alexisonfire - Born And Raised
All blossoms die in the light of our new......
Find your belief in that which cannot be......
Countless lessons lie in every fever dream
A million voices asking, what does it all......
Alexisonfire - We Are The End
Look around,
Look around.
There′s no affection
Only infection.
Alexisonfire - To A Friend
I′m thinking that it′s time to......
My patients are fading fast
The mind bruises just a little bit easier
Dark times and shadows cast
Alexisonfire - Happiness By The Kilowatt
So this is continuous happiness
You know, I always
Imagined it something more
With the right drapes, the right paints
Alexisonfire - Crisis

This town is going under.

Alexisonfire - Rough Hands
Was I left behind?
Someone tell me, tell me I survived
And don′t look so surprised
that I′m home, but just for tonight
Alexisonfire - Boiled Frogs
A man sits at his desk
One year retirement
And he′s up for review
Not quite sure what to do
Alexisonfire - Adelleda
This is really only all we have:
(Bury all of me)
Daytime. Twilight. Pitch black. Night light.
(Before I have a chance)
Alexisonfire - Accept Crime
Everybody on the count of three
Accept crime 1-2-3
Bethlehem to Galilee
Accept crime 1-2-3
Alexisonfire - Thrones
I don′t need a generation of burning......
Don′t need your ancient wisdom,
Two things I′ll live without.
Alexisonfire - Get Fighted
"So make sure you love like you′ve......
and when you dance, dance like there′s......

′Cause you can waste your time,......
Alexisonfire - This Could Be Anywhere In the......
This town has its claws buried in my neck
This town, it takes lives, without mercy,......

The streets are in distress

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