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Alex Band - Hold On To You (текст песни)

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Hold On To You

You walked into my world
A beautiful girl
Lost in a movie
And though we′re light-years apart
I′ve stolen your heart
Left you on empty
And I know that this isn′t fair
But in all the craziness I need you there

I′m gonna hold on to you
I′m gonna stay strong for you
And if everyone fades away
I′ll still be there for you

Naked under the sky
It′s a blue moon night
We sink with the ocean
Crashes up at our feet
So sticky and sweet
Never felt more like children
In my mind I′m trying to find sanity
With all the confusion here, it′s hard to breathe, but I′ll breathe...

All my life I′ve dealt with pain
So I don′t need you to drive me insane
Even the best things have to fall
It makes you wonder why we love at all?

And I know that this isn′t fair
But in all the craziness
I need you there
And I know you′re impossible to top
You ask me if you′re too little
You′re more than enough for me...

Im gonna reach, reach, reach out to you
I wanna be one with you
And if everything fades away
I′ll still be there for you

@ Alex Band

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Испонитель: Alex Band
Название песни: Hold On To You
Количество просмотров: 97
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