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Alex Band - Only One
My eyes are painted red
The canvas of my soul,
Slowly breaking down,again
Today I heard the news
Alex Band - Tonight
Well the sky broke in two,
Found you dancing alone.
then the room filled up with you,
and that song we both know.
Alex Band - Last Goodbye
I turn the page
My story ends
I say goodbye to all my friends
I know it′s getting late
Alex Band - Take Hold Of Me
Never been more alone
I′m sinking like a stone
Seems everything I knew
No longer gets me through this madness
Alex Band - Please
There′s no pleasure without pain
There′s no love without hate
Everything you give comes right back to you
But overseeing and space and time
Alex Band - The Truth
Well hello
You say you want to taste the truth
Just swallow it down
And it will all be over soon
Alex Band - Why Don′t You And I
Since the moment I spotted you
Like walking ′round with little wings......
My stomach′s filled with the......
Bouncin round from cloud to cloud
Alex Band - Hold On To You
You walked into my world
A beautiful girl
Lost in a movie
And though we′re light-years apart

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