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Alesha Dixon - Italians Do It Better
Let′s get creative
Thinking you could be my Romeo tonight
I bet you want to taste it
I got what you′ve been looking for
Alesha Dixon - Knockdown
When I lay it all out on the table
Dont know what is stopping me
From feeling like I might be able
To enjoy my own company
Alesha Dixon - Free
I took a risk against all odds
Had to be strong all on my own
Overcome with many ideas and fears
What should I do to carry on (carry on)?
Alesha Dixon - Radio
Pop, rock, rhythm and blues, anything you......
Big speakers, I′ll sing along.
Last request DJ, I need a song.
He can′t break my heart if I......
Alesha Dixon - Lipstick
I said are you ready
Uh, Yeah, hey
Come on, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Let`s do it
Alesha Dixon - Cinderella Shoe
Every little thing you do
Makes me feel
A little love for you
And every little thing you say
Alesha Dixon - Breathe Slow
I’m running out of patients
‘cos i can’t believe what the hell
I’m hearing
And speaking of hell
Alesha Dixon - Hand It Over
There′s a part
That doesn′t even work at all
Ran out of power cos I left it on
But there′s a part that still believes......
Alesha Dixon - Superficial
I guess what I′m trying to say is,
Every day is like a different flavour
I know it can be superficial
Alesha Dixon - Can I Begin
As much as I′ve been trying to say
As much as I appear OK
I′m holding on
Pretending nothing is wrong
Alesha Dixon - Don′t Ever Let Me Go
In life the things that we try
Don′t work the first time
It′s OK you gotta start again
And rewind the tape babe
Alesha Dixon - Let′s Get Excited
All right... yeah
All right... yeah
I got a feeling baby it′s about the......
So let the dramas of the week just float......
Alesha Dixon - I′m Thru
In terms of lies and filth
I don′t amount to much
My soul is sugar sweet
With an angelic touch
Alesha Dixon - The oy does nothing
I got a man with two left feet
And when he dances down to the beat
I really think that he should know
That his rhythms go go go

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