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Aiden - Darkness (текст песни)

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In this darkness am I faithless
Without your lips I live without
Am I heartless am I soulless
Without your lips I live without

I′m so hollow when will we wake up
I′m so hollow am I confessed to die
I′m so hollow when will we wake up
I′m so hollow will this dream end tonight

We walked through the rain
And the night became silent
Sleep fell over the sky
And I swear I′ve never seen anything so beautifully dark

In this silence and this violence
Without your lips I live without
Look I′m lifeless look I′m soulless
Without your lips I live without

This darkness am I voiceless
Without your lips I live without
I′m heartless I′m soulless
Without your lips I live without

@ Aiden

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Испонитель: Aiden
Название песни: Darkness
Количество просмотров: 86
Количество сообщений: 0

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