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Aiden - Moment
I will wait for this moment
when our lips collide
and almost stop the earth
you′re in my arms tonight
Aiden - Scavengers Of The Damned
"Well I′m Dead! Tell the world" she......
And the funeral came alive.
I collect every flower sent
from hell down to the fire.
Aiden - Teenage Queen
I can see the void,
Dark like prison.
Take me to the eyes of this boy.
And now dance with me.
Aiden - We sleep forever
he walks the line into her deathbed rings
I say she′s all alone
Begging for forgiveness
I won′t teach her to lie or make a......
Aiden - Let The Right One In
It′s not the knife you bleed on.
It′s not the cancer in your bones.
It′s not the sunrise choking.
It′s not the blood red moon alone.
Aiden - Crusifiction
My name is Roman,
Not king nor emperor.
Just the voice of a ghost, the past son of a......
I transcend to dispatch this letter.
Aiden - Believe
Lying face down lying face down, in the......
Well I know I know, I know it′s my......

In a world where we all just away and suffer
Aiden - Bliss
I saw the truth, mom′s a whore
I saw the mark as she passed through the......
I saw the truth, you′re a whore
Distill the scene and don′t lie to me......
Aiden - The Sky Is Falling
I hear the sky is falling here we are, on......
I feel my heart is turning black tonight,......
If all we are are dust and shades of grey
How are we to say are we all alone
Aiden - King On Holiday
This open letter read,
"I′m gone on holiday"
Started off as a secret headline.
"The king has passed away"
Aiden - One Love
When I wake, I see you
Lying there on the bathroom floor
With foam lips, a black kiss
Your dead hero and now myth
Aiden - Hurt Me
The beauty how nights blur, look twice......
and she′ll bring the cure and this......
My demons reimburse, think hard and tonight
we′ll break the curse and this promise......
Aiden - Son Of Lies
Son of lies, son of lies inside my heart
Son of lies you′re the son of lies......

Sing my darling crystalline and
Aiden - Excommunicate
I preyed on human nature.
I took this innocence alive.
I prayed through the allegations.
Deliver me from the fire.
Aiden - Killing Machine
"Fuck me? Fuck you, fuck you and this whole......
Carved your name into my skin, in......
Sew it up with hate.
Carve, a message in my arm, in candlelight.
Aiden - Portrait
Two men entered and I thought I was......
I heard the sounds of what were laughter.
And expected the door to slam off the......
The dark initiates my fear and I tell myself......
Aiden - Darkness
In this darkness am I faithless
Without your lips I live without
Am I heartless am I soulless
Without your lips I live without
Aiden - Black Market Hell
My wings are torn away.
Spit words like knives.
Inside the fields,
A former life decay.
Aiden - The Asylum
Blessed is the luxury of the dead.
Broke, so I sold my breath.
For pennies, I am worthless.

Aiden - Elizabeth
She bathed in blood how apropos.
Became a witness to the suffering.
Skinned alive, she even took their soul.
Close my eyes.
Aiden - The Opening Departure
Close your eyes
The rain won′t wash away
Close your eyes
The rain won′t wash away
Aiden - She Will Love You
You say you′re in love
the curse has wrote
this sonnet to the end
You say you′re in love
Aiden - So Far Away (bonus track)
Misery come take me
Into a place I can′t forget
Take comfort in the solace of regret
Misery come take me
Aiden - Lori Meyers (hidden track;......
Lori Meyers used to live upstairs
Our parents had been friends years
Almost every afternoon we′d play......
At nine years old there′s no such......
Aiden - Here Lies The Waste (bonus track)
Hate me, does it feel good?
Take me understood
from this awful life i despise, throw me out......
But I′ll wait, I′ll fucking wait......

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