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Agnes - Gravity
Gravity, keep me on solid ground
Gravity, come on hold me down
I′m asking for it
So touch me in an instant and I′ll see......
Agnes - For Love
I know I put you to the test again
Like so many times before
Your starting to loose your faith in me
I know it′s time for me to start to......
Agnes - Right Here, Right Now
Take my hand and walk with me
Let me show you what I′m feeling
What′s going on inside of me
Don′t you know you have changed me?
Agnes - On And On
On an On
This love i feel for you goes
On and On
This world can be a scary place
Agnes - Right Here Right Now (My Heart......
Ooh yeah

Wondering how our love just slipped away
Was it something that we didn′t say
Agnes - Love Me Senseless
I′m floating higher bring the......
You′re everything but us just......
Never plain like coming down from here
I wanna melt into your arms, into the......
Agnes - I Believe
I heard an angel whisper, so softly in my......
I couldn′t hear the words but the......
Who wrote the book of love? Calling anyone......
the things it makes you do are unexplainable
Agnes - Champion
You say it′s impossible
But you didn′t even try at all,
Why am I the only one
Agnes - Secret love
Secret love
If it’s all we can have
Secret love
It will be
Agnes - All I Want Is You
I saw you coming, miles away
Stormy weather, heard them say
Turn around, you′re playing with fire,......
Going faster, leaving crown,
Agnes - Release Me
Release me
Release my body
I know it′s wrong
So why am I with you now
Agnes - Forever Yours
I remember when you told me
That I got you in a heartbeat baby
And you couldn′t be without me
Even if we didn′t go steady
Agnes - Emotional
I don′t need a heartache
And crushes can be so fake
Sooner than you know it
They turn your world around
Agnes - Don′t Go Breaking My Heart
Calling your name,
Calling your name.
How did this happen?
I′m losing my way,
Agnes - Privileged Few
You′re such a capable tragedy to me......
Why can′t you just see?
I′m not sure you feel the way I do
You always get attention it was to hide your......
Agnes - The Break
We′re driving 90 miles an hour
(i think it′s, gone too far)
and i don′t see any light
(at the end, of the road)
Agnes - The Brakes
we′re driving 90 miles an hour
(i think it′s, gone too far)
and i don′t see any light
(at the end, of the road)

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