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After Forever - Emphasis
The game is over, time has taught life
Open your eyes and embrace our so-called......
All the notions and thoughts
Devise a way to make it yours
After Forever - Who Wants To Live Forever
There′s no time for us
There′s no place for us
What is this thing that builds our dreams
Yet slips away from us
After Forever - Living Shields
Weak and frightend
Paralyzed and naked
they are children running for their lives
Lives are taken
After Forever - Forever
Dead Girl:
I can see your pain
I can feel your loss
I can hear your words
After Forever - Beneath
Bewildered by silence
Struck by its questions and lucid ways to......
I did not know how cruel that could be
That so many cases will never be solved
After Forever - Discord
You need to get out of my sight
A lonely heart can beat
You′re too dangerous
A lonely heart can bleed
After Forever - Eccentric
What do they see when they look at me
Who are they to judge me if they never spoke......
never looked without laughing, never tried......

After Forever - Come
Come join your inner wonderland
A place of all you don′t understand
Come join this labyrinth deep within
The place of all miracles of your mind
After Forever - My Pledge Of Allegiance
She kept her beauty concealed behind a......
and endures her fate, molded by an ancient......

The honour wasn′t allowed to be......
After Forever - My Pledge Of Allegiance #2
My decision is fixed
The suitcases are packed
I′m laying the letter on the table

After Forever - My Choice
Is it not the choosing that makes the life......
Are the opetions we have too endless to......
Can we oversee the offers and their demands......
Can we oversee our own needs if we......
After Forever - Evoke
So wild, so beautiful and pure
All elements divine
The essence of all life

After Forever - Between Love And Fire
Here I am, the future is mine
and mine as well
we′ll stand at the top of a prosperous......
Our dreams can become reality
After Forever - Who I Am
You hipnotize me
I do not dare to look
You mesmerize me
Don′t even dare to feel
After Forever - Beautiful Emptiness
You′re the worst of all
with all your accusationsand compunction
I can′t suffer this duress from......
so depraved and selfish.
After Forever - For The Time Being
Once he was someone whose honesty made me......
that we could rely on him

Don′t adhere to much to people who......
After Forever - The Evil That Men Do
Love is a razor and I walked the line on......
Slept in the dust with his daughter, her......
The slaughter of innocence
But will pray for her.
After Forever - Reflections
I′m in a spiral of thoughts,the......
I see but now I see more,even feel their......
I realise their fate,no one′s to......

After Forever - Envision
I see it, I hear but cannot know how you are......
I sense it but can′t comprehend

He′s standing there waiting for the......
After Forever - Through Square Eyes
This is the world through square eyes,
I can see fiction like it′s real
Window to an unknown paradise
A paradise where no one sees
After Forever - Attendance
Beauty and destruction
Pride and honour
Freedom, elimmination
Speek out loud, Hide
After Forever - The Key
The eyes, looking so cold
Condemn failure
And seek for perfection
What will never be attained
After Forever - Forlorn Hope
An old man is proud
but behind his modest smile lies the grief
Only one picture of his brave son remains

After Forever - Beyond Me
I know I′m alone, but somebody′s......
Follows me everywhere I go
A cold flow surprised again, I shiver
The presence of something, I can hear......
After Forever - Monolith Of Doubt
The ordeal has begun
To oblige the unknown, within me

As I drown
After Forever - Zenith
Is there something you feel?
Is there something you furtively know?
Under the spell of science,
Can we declare?
After Forever - Sins Of Idealism
Hello Father, hello mother
There is so much I don′t get
Please don′t be mad at me; I will try......
I′ll really try the best I can
After Forever - Digital Deceit
Come enter; here′s my world
Closed off from pain and cold
Come enter; come inside
A secret place of light
After Forever - Strong
I see your pain I see it grow
slowly inside you
You cannot control it
The hurting′s ruthless, you cannot win......
After Forever - Only Everything
Couloured chambers, Fine illusions, or a......
Endless stairways, fine delusions, all under......
I′d change the sky to paint it red
I′d change the colours of life, and......

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