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AFI - Your Name Here (текст песни)

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Your Name Here

It′s the same old situation,
It seems it′s coming ′round again.
I wont play the fool,
I′m not screwin′ around.
I only play to win.
I only want what I deserve so who are you tryin′ to kid?
You can call it like you see it but I call it like it is.
I′m sick of shruggin′ off your petty little ways.
The names are always changing,
In the end it′s just a game.
We′re runnin′ in a circle,
A never ending chase,
You keep on steppin′ out of reach but you won′t win the race.
No more waitin′ around,
No more hangin′ around ,
No more draggin′ me down.
Everything′s so easy for you but I′ve struggled to get this far.
I′m alone in the fight.
What′s wrong, whose right?
I take it all to heart.
Your true colors start to show.
You call yourself a friend?
The teams are drawn,
You chose your side,
You′ll get yours in the end.
You play along to the same old song
Just as long as you can win,
When someone better comes along,
You′re too cool to let them in.
So now I′ve got you wonderin′ if I′ve got it in for you.
I′d like to tell you different but I can′t because it′s true.


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Испонитель: AFI
Название песни: Your Name Here
Количество просмотров: 108
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