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AFI - Rolling Balls (текст песни)

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Rolling Balls

Bowling is my life and it has always been my dream
to be a member of the local bowling team, although; but I′m not very good.
The guys won′t accept me,
I guess I try the girls team and lose a part of my anatomy

Then balls will roll.
I think I want to be...
Balls will roll, I think it′s time, it′s time for me to be a girl.

It′s a very big decision, it′s going to change my life.
I′ll have to make all new friends, I ′m gonna lose my wife.
But that′s okay with me.
There′s something in my soul.
It doesn′t matter who′s the better man, it the one who gets to bowl.

Then balls will roll.
I think I want to be...
Balls will roll, I think it′s time, it′s time for me to be a girl.

I ′ve made my decision , I′m gonna make the change.
There will be rolling balls, I′m gonna play my game.
It′s gonna be so great.
It′s gonna be the best, besides, I′ve always told myself I look good in a dress.
I′m gonna cut′em off, I′m gonna cut′em off, I′m gonna cut′em off.
I′ll never have to cough.
No don’t stop keep going.
Now I′ve made my change and I′ve fulfilled my dream.
I′m now a member of the women′s bowling team.
I hope I throw a strike, ′cause I′ll never score again.
My first game is tomorrow, I will go to play and then...

Then balls will roll.
I think I want to be...
Balls will roll, I think it′s time, it′s time for me to be… a girl…


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Испонитель: AFI
Название песни: Rolling Balls
Количество просмотров: 118
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