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AFI - ...But Home Is Nowhere
Twenty-six years and seems like I′ve......
To understand my, my intimate is no one
When the director sold the show, who bought......
They cut the cast, the music, and the lights
AFI - The Leaving Song Pt.2
Don′t waste your touch, you......
Or were you sent to save me?
I′ve thought too much, you won′t......
Worthy of redeeming
AFI - We′ve Got The Knife
You′ve got your pretty face.
You′ve got disarming eyes.
You′ve got such social grace.
I′ve got my pretty spies.
AFI - Brownie bottom sumday
Into the dark is where you′re......
And into your dark is where I never want to......
I know I′m not alone
And I really want to leave.
AFI - Don′t Make Me Ill
Right now we′ve got a reason to live
But it′s got nothing to do with you.
We′ve got a lot of places we′re......
A lot of things that we′re gonna do.

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