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AFI - Love Like Winter
Warn your warmth to turn away
Here it′s December, everyday
Press your lips to the sculptures
And surely you′ll stay (Love like......
AFI - A Story At Three
again and again they blend into one, my
father the morning pushes through my......
AFI - 100 Words
This is the final night, boys.
We are the cracks in diamond walls.
I tried to illuminate but the shadows kill.
I′m overshadowed. See how I blend in......
AFI - Sacrilege
I′m never gonna understand this.
I′m never gonna let it be.
I just can′t understand this aged......

AFI - Wester
I can feel you waiting for me when the sun......
beneath the blanket of a burning sky, wrap......
Embraced by dead leaves
as the rain leaves trails of black down my......
AFI - Silver And Cold
I...I came here by day
But I left here in darkness
And found you, found you on the way
Now...it is silver and silent
AFI - I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here
Before you came what was your name? Did you......
No one′s from here, no one my dear,......
So change your name, just keep your face.......
Before you came we played this game in our......
AFI - Head Like A Hole
God money I′ll do anything for you.
God money just tell me what you want me to.
God money nail me up against the wall.
God money don′t want everything he......
AFI - God Called In Sick Today
Let′s admire the pattern forming.
Murderous filigree.
I′m caught in the twisting of the......
Go ascend with ivy, climbing.
AFI - Kiss and Control
Watch the stars,
Turn you to nothing
Now blush and smile as they whisk you away.
Bite your lips a bit more
AFI - 6 To 8
Six figures enter they′ve come to......
They′ve called together this storm......
I awake in another place.
A familiar voice with a stranger′s......
AFI - Fall Children
as the cries start to penetrate the still......
this day we celebrate.
the wait now ends.

AFI - The Mother in Me
Caught in a world that′s plagued by......
A paradigm of illness is the beast I have......
The sights that I have seen could nearly......
I′ve seen exactly what it is I never......
AFI - Rolling Balls
Bowling is my life and it has always been my......
to be a member of the local bowling team,......
The guys won′t accept me,
I guess I try the girls team and lose a part......
AFI - Endlessly, She Said
Walked into our world and made
Horrible sounds.
I can still hear them today
AFI - Two of a Kind
Hangin′ out and lingerin′......
′cause you know where I′ll be......
And I don′t know how you do it.
This obsession I must admit has shaken me up......
AFI - Too Shy To Scream
I come quietly. Silent entities
can lack a certain weight when unseen.
Do they speak of me?
My voice left with the breeze that
AFI - Affliction
A wrapped and untold voice,
You lied to the genocide.
[echoing] I am flawless.
All my fears and I,
AFI - Half Empty Bottle
The ends don′t always justify the......
But I know what it takes to get what I need.
I′ve got the cure when passive protest......
Just flick my bic as I hold it to the fuse.
AFI - End Transmission
Pull the top down, use your knees to drive.
I′ll make it worth your while just let......
You pressed your mouth on mine and fed me a......
then said "we never can truly know who we......
AFI - Rizzo in The Box
I′m always around you to show that
I care but I don′t know what for.
It seems to me that you couldn′t care......
I′m not going to do it anymore.
AFI - No Poetic device
I′ve been dreaming.
I was lucid.
I was dreaming blood was seeping from my......
Who′d believe that it was all my own......
AFI - Narrative Of Soul Against Soul
i have seen the self image that......
with the only remaining value lying in its......
but the few who warrant waking for await......
no fear of death but with fear of life
AFI - Highschool Football Hero
Wanna be a highschool football hero with an......
I wanna try to drink my weight in beer.
I wanna be a highschool football hero.
Wanna score a touchdown so I can score after......
AFI - Beautiful Thieves
My dear there is no danger
Can′t you see they turn blind eyes
To we swift and spotlight strangers?
Oh before the rush is over
AFI - A Winters Tale
A chilling silence.
A world of violets.
My breath materialized again.
AFI - Exsanguination

Welcome the whole new pain
And take comfort in
AFI - Dream Of Waking
I feel it washing over me, the slow......
Pins and needles dance on me. Sickness......
Now I′m afraid to face the sky. Please......
Please them waken me. (X4)
AFI - Darling, I Want To Destroy You
Were you dying to go? You just looked so......
demure through the dark dancing lights.
I glided by.
I can′t deny that the shadows betrayed......
AFI - Your Name Here
It′s the same old situation,
It seems it′s coming ′round......
I wont play the fool,
I′m not screwin′ around.

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