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Количество произведений: 13.

Adept - Sound The Alarm
hold tight, miss cheater! you forgot
to wipe the scent of your lover from your......
i guess i never belived you had it in you.
burn the charade.
Adept - Everything Dies
I am reaching for it
As I have done my entire life
Patiently reaching for a meaning
A momentary taste of hope is what I long for
Adept - Unbeliever
Why Suffer?
Unbeliever. It′s just a word for the......
Have you ever seen a sunset burn the......
Or When the colours in the autumn match the......
Adept - The Ballad Of Planet Earth
The water is shallow..
And her tears still reflects
From yesterdays trauma and failure.
There′s something in the wind,
Adept - The Masquerade Of Autumn
Ready. Get set. Scream.
Breathe, and for a first time taste the......
that the words we left unsaid could easily......
which should have been spoken.
Adept - The Business Of Living
We need everyone′s attention!
there are words that must be said
we will never bite our tongues again,
because everything they hold is the greatest......
Adept - An Era Of Treachery
(Ladies and gentlemen, friends and foe’s,
This song goes out to all you fucking......
How dare you stare at the ground when you
Adept - An Ode To Norah Barnes
Where is the light you speak of
The comfort within your words
Did it all just pass you by unaware of the......
Come on and taste the fire
Adept - Grow Up, Peter Pan!
A dance beneath the sparkling sky,
The silent touch of vivid grace.
Your hand fits mine like a perfect match.
We kids in lust and the night is young
Adept - Incoherence; Blessed Upon A Phrase
Is this the end for a fighter
To simply give up in the end
We all have to seek for our answers, so why......
If you only knew what I′ve been......
Adept - Caution! Boys Night Out!
Let′s go, motherfucker! It′s......
To put your dance shoes on we′re......

Let′s go, motherfucker! Tonight..
Adept - At Least Give Me My Dreams, Back You......
So is this were love runs out of patience
With just one question left to be answered
You wanted more but you got it all
A taste of rust, Your are the touch of death
Adept - Let′s Celebrate, Gorgeous!......
One Two Three Four
Who′s the centre of attention now girl
I am dressed to impress the crowd
But the celebration stops to the sound of a......

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