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Adema - Stressin′ (текст песни)

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The weight of the world has been put on my shoulders
I looked in mirror and know that I′m older
I try to escape but the rain makes it colder
Why do I let all our problems take over

There′s nothing I can do
There′s nothing I can say
We need to try to find the right way

Stress me out stress me out
God has turned his back on me
Stress me out stress me out
There′s nothing left for us to say
Stress me out stress me out
God has turned his back
Stress me out stress me out
There′s nothing left to blame

To blame

I′ve tried to explain what it′s doing to me
Arguing over the simplest things
You try to make life how you want it to be
Upset everyday isn′t something we need

You′re letting me down your letting me down
You′re letting me down again

@ Adema

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Испонитель: Adema
Название песни: Stressin′
Количество просмотров: 68
Количество сообщений: 0

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