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Adema - Refusing Consciousness (текст песни)

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Refusing Consciousness

Its so hard to watch you struggle
Even harder when i have to see you stumble
Short tempers harsh words that humble
Watching the world
Watching the world
Around me crumble

I wont fight back
Cant give in
Wont stay here forever like this
All the world read my senses

Like a brother
Like a sister
Something like family
I was alone
But you save me
Insecurities race through my heart
New situation realizing my part
The mean has changed like seasons
Were fighting our own addictions

Patience brings heart aches
Anger flies still we try
I wont fight back
Cant give in
Wont stay here forever like this
Refusing consciousness
To drown in to cope with
Innebriate to find when waking
That nothing has been changed

Take one more drink
You cant live without
Take one more drink
Take one more drink
Or drown without it
Take one more drink

So hard to talk about it
I know that you lie about it
Stand there and watch you sing without it
Lose your sleep at night
I still dream about it

I wont fight back
Cant give in
Wont stay here forever like this
Refusing consciousness
To drown in
To cope with
To find out nothing has changed

@ Adema

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Испонитель: Adema
Название песни: Refusing Consciousness
Количество просмотров: 104
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