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Adema - Planets
Despite these imperfections, despite all I......
Inside in recollections, I′m done with......

I will lose my mind, make it real this time,
Adema - Betrayed Me
I watched you change and never knew
That you would be like all the rest
You were so true, too good to be true
I trusted you and fell apart again
Adema - Immortal
Let′s fight

We′re face to face
Loyalty is what I need to see from you
Adema - Needles
To Live, Do you want to... Live!?
Do you wanna live?
Do you wanna live?
Do you want to live?
Adema - Everyone
I′m sick of the excuses that you want......
I′ve been understanding, givin′......
Using me is over now and soon you′re......
I′m done with you, I′m done with......
Adema - Shoot The Arrows
Been greeted with a smile,
In my back twists the knife,
So quick to flip the switch,
Never know quite what hit,
Adema - All These Years
One got addicted
The other ran away
Some settled down a familiar place
One let′s go of the wheel
Adema - Bad Triangle
(feat. Rio Life)

It′s Real Life (It′s Real Life)
It′s Real Life (It′s Real Life)
Adema - Black Clouds
Here in the dark
Escaping this withering soul
My thoughts are growing cold
Adema - Pain Inside
Realize that I′ve lost control,......
I′m on the outside

Take up all my life inside, why would I let......
Adema - Invisible
The game is to free fame
The mental picture and let it be shown
It looks a lot like this
And I can′t bear to look alone
Adema - Tornado
A screaming match again
Could this be the end
A breaking point and I can′t bear it
You wanna know the truth
Adema - Brand New Thing
The sun shined on our face
Our imaginations took us to any place
At the end of that altered road
Where we all start running
Adema - Skin
Days will come that make no sense
My present situation makes me think too......
It all revolves around you
This life that I′m living means......
Adema - Drowning

I gave in to
The stress in life
Adema - Refusing Consciousness
Its so hard to watch you struggle
Even harder when i have to see you stumble
Short tempers harsh words that humble
Watching the world
Adema - Days Go By
Sometimes I just get so frustrated
I don′t even bother sleepin′......
And all this seems overrated
In all of us
Adema - Blow It Away
Everyday I think about what you did
Livin′ life ain′t much with all......
Cause I′m going insane with all of it
You keep driving me crazy
Adema - Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Shameful city
I′ve been taken by the world below
Los Angeles
Adema - Let Go
I′m sitting on the edge of the water
Contemplating my strange life
The sun starts to fall into the ground
A breeze picks up off the waves
Adema - Stand Up
He says he love′s you
But the make up will not cover up the......
He left on you
I tried to stop the cycle for you this......
Adema - Enter The Cage
You′ll hear this now (repeated many......

Silently pacing, all fear erased here,......
loudly, one goal pursuing, one thought......
Adema - Chel
True I wasn′t there for you, Told me......
too young to know what to do, 16 and I have......
When I saw that picture of you, I had to......

Adema - Blame Me
I′m always gonna be one life behind
That′s why I′m all alone
What′s it gonna take to make you see
That we are falling apart
Adema - So Fortunate
I never thought I was strong enough
To handle raising my own son
You′ll always fear what you′ve......
I hope he′ll know me when I come home
Adema - Shattered
Do you wake up and wonder where you’re......
Retry aging in life you wanted to achieve......
Now confusion it lingers
Making me feel sick to my stomach
Adema - Do You Hear Me
Are you looking down on me right now
I feel your presence beam down
Watching you get ill it changed our lives
Your hand went limp and we cried
Adema - Waiting For Daylight
We′ll raise our fists and stamp our......
We will resist all out thoughts, until we......
We′re marching at the scene
We′ll watch them crumble
Adema - Better Living Through Chemistry
One little request changes life for your......
no need for self-control while doctors line......

One for your pain and one for your mind rely......
Adema - Cold And Jaded
To all those who have been took
They better take another look
Because they′re never really what they......
Those to betray me, I′m an honest man

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