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Adam Lambert - Ghost town
Died last night in my dreams
Walking the streets of some old ghost town
I tried to believe in God and James Dean
But Hollywood sold out
Adam Lambert - Whataya want from me
Hey, slow it down whataya want from me
Whataya want from me
Yeah I′m afraid whataya want from me
Whataya want from me
Adam Lambert - Honestly
Could you love somebody like that?
Could you attract someone like that?
Could you go where people can see someone......
Could you do that?
Adam Lambert - Strut
I want to start a revolution
A type of personal solution
We all have got our own pollution
It′s all about the execution
Adam Lambert - If I Had You
So I got my boots on, got the right amount......
And I′m doing me up with a black color......
And I′m working my strut, but I know......
All we need in this world is some love
Adam Lambert - Fever
There he goes
My baby walks so slow
Sexual tic-tac-toe
Yeah I know we both know
Adam Lambert - Cuckoo
let’s go….oohh
woo hoo….woo hoo…. wooo hooo
just look at me all that you left me with is......
and this misery i know that i try my best,......
Adam Lambert - December
Nothing much to remember
You were not in sight
Adam Lambert - Soaked
Soaked to the bone
And sink like a stone
Walk home alone
It′s not the first time
Adam Lambert - Time For Miracles
It′s late at night and I can′t......
Missing you just runs too deep
Oh I can′t breathe thinking of your......
Every kiss I can′t forget
Adam Lambert - Down The Rabbit Hole
Break out all the mechanical
Step right up to the freaky and tangible
Hands uncuffed, take the leash on this......
If it’s getting hyphy hit me with a night......
Adam Lambert - Ring Of Fire
Love is a burning thing
And it makes, a firery ring
Bound by the wild desires
I fell into
Adam Lambert - Aftermath
Have you lost your way?
Livin′ in the shadow of the messes......
And so it goes
Everything inside your circle starts to......
Adam Lambert - Mad World
All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places
Worn out faces
Bright and early for the daily races
Adam Lambert - Climb
Well, I can′t
Much at all
Before the fall
Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes
I wish that this night would never be over
There’s plenty of time to sleep when we die
So let’s just stay awake until we grow......
If I had my way we’d never close our eyes,......
Adam Lambert - Music Again
I want your body, mind, soul, et cetera
And one day you′ll see, you should......
And I don′t want anyone instead of ya
Oh babe I′m goin crazy, come on and......
Adam Lambert - Master Plan
You run away from everything that you fear
So afraid don′t wanna be a part of it
You see the fake in every thing that is real
You hate the pairadox
Adam Lambert - Fields
I don′t know the reason
Lets just make a choice
Lets throw out the caution
Just one .... voice
Adam Lambert - Outlaws Of Love
Oh, nowhere left to go.
Are we getting closer, closer?
No, all we know is no.
Nights are getting colder, colder.
Adam Lambert - Sure Fire Winners
We′re coming up like killing machines
Our big guns gonna shatter your scene
It′s pandemonium on the floor
′Cause everybody wants a little more
Adam Lambert - Wonderful
So it would appear
I left my heart here
And it would be fair to say
I′ve been swept away
Adam Lambert - Whole Lotta Love
You need coolin, baby, Im not foolin,
Im gonna send you back to schoolin,
Way down inside honey, you need it,
Im gonna give you my love,
Adam Lambert - Voodoo
Moon shine on the bayou
Love shrine break the taboo
I wanna know what′s in your potion
Bound by total devotion
Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment
So hot
Out the box
Can we pick up the pace?
Turn it up,
Adam Lambert - Map
The dawn is bright and my perception is open......
You know you flooded my senses babe
What you inspire is a feeling I can′t......
Forgotten all my defenses
Adam Lambert - Trespassing
Well I was walkin for some time
When I came across this sign
Sayin "who are you and where are you from?"
We don′t like when visitors come.
Adam Lambert - Kiss And Tell
Kiss and Tell
(Boy...Boy...Boy) [x2]
[Verse 1]
Adam Lambert - Pick U Up
Jumpin′ out the window
Movin′ on, groovin′ on
Which way will the wind blow?
We can′t be wrong, so say "So long"
Adam Lambert - More Than
So they paved the road to providence
And lined up the memories
In reference to what was dead and gone
Then the band and the symphony

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