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Above & Beyond - Little something (feat.......
Too many hours on the road
Too many days as you grow older
And tears are spilled
As each moment unfolds
Above & Beyond - Excuses
Your heart feels heavy now
The mist keeps rolling down
You never got that lucky break
They owe you, they owe you
Above & Beyond - All over the world (feat.......
Maybe I have waited for too long
Maybe I got caught up in the storm
And I sent you off so incomplete
Now your lonely call is haunting me
Above & Beyond - Blue sky action (feat. Alex......
I get tired of life
What a world I′m living in
Now I′ve got it all
I′ve had enough, I′m giving in
Above & Beyond - Counting down the days......
I′ve been counting down the days and......
Since you last said that you love me
And it′s cold here in the shadows with......
Since you last said that you love me
Above & Beyond - Sticky fingers (feat. Alex......
We painted the picture you want
I wanted it too
But now there′s something that I
Would like you to do

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Excuses — [Above & Beyond] (28.10.2012)

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