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Abney Park - I Am Stretched On Your Grave
I am stretched on your grave
And I′ll lie there forever
If your hands were in mine
I′d be sure we′d not sever
Abney Park - The Ballad Of Captain Robert
Captain Robert took his men
And flew to Prague and back again
Some fell off, some dropped dead
And some put bullets through their head
Abney Park - The Root Of All Evil
All these roots run deep,
And this tree is old,
This trunk is rotten
All these leaves have mold
Abney Park - Holy War
Death hue falling on the faces of the......
lost children as the mortar fire broken in
Nights cold, slipping through the cracks
breaking through the cracks of crumbling......
Abney Park - Child King
Cross from me sat the new emperor, Hardly 13
And I asked him why he cried

No one stays around anymore, I cannot guess......
Abney Park - Stigmata Martyr
A heroine, a deity
on heroin, or vanity
To jack their personality,
beyond normal humanity.
Abney Park - Abney Park
Darkness, the streets of London he searched......
Alone he′d never achieve his lofty......
Peasants and beggars he found to aid his......
Train them & give them the strength to share......
Abney Park - Love
Gentle? I think that you′re mistaken
Delicate? I went through that phase
Tender? Want me to say I love you?
Love? I heard it′s all the rage
Abney Park - All The Myths Are True
Our ancient nightmares, the ghostly legends,
And fiendish tales, all the myths are true.
Scientists have unearthed enormous skeletons
They think we′ve disproved that all......
Abney Park - Breathe
I wish I could breath, I wish I could stand.
I wish I had a chance here holding your......
Wish I could speak, I wish could talk
I wish I could breath
Abney Park - The secret life of Dr. Calgori
Testtubes and Tesla coils,
clockwork brain and glowing oils,
copper, brass, explosive jelly
He may compete, but he′s too dally.
Abney Park - She
She has always watched over me
She takes good care of me
She is such an integral part of me
That I forgot who I was
Abney Park - Burn
If my life should end and I cannot stay,
I pray that you will find a life with our......
Please don′t hate me overmuch

Abney Park - Virus
It feeds on the souls of the living.
It gets inside their minds.
It transforms their brains and their......
No consciousness it will find.
Abney Park - Airship Pirate
Our fires high and the airbags tight
Food′s low but the skies are bright
Props spinning all through the night
We′re low on cash but seen another......
Abney Park - Sleep Isabella
Sleep, child, sleep
Sleep, child, sleep
Daylight is waiting
Consciously fraying
Abney Park - Kine
Bring a line of the people
Bring down, scoop ′em up.
Take the life from the people,
Go down, and move up.
Abney Park - Aether Shanties
My arm′s aching, back′s......
And this whole ruddy ship is a huge creaking......
We′ve flown ten thousand miles with......
though the wind′s steady strong with......
Abney Park - Black Day
I see the world with my eyes open
I see the world through lidless eyes
I see a world that is sick with......
Nothing in the nothing to mystify
Abney Park - Dead Silence
Dead silence falls a cascading shower of......
Isolation calls no self-acceptance, no means......
Into the void self-annihilation, futilistic......
Until now I′ve toyed with what seems......
Abney Park - Building Steam
I, I′ve suffered long enough in this......
I saw the walls, called their bluff and tore......

When I think of all the time I′ve......
Abney Park - Post-Apocalypse Punk
It was 1906, but we screwed the timeline up.
It wasn′t just for kicks but I′m......
I jumped through time, at the count of jump......
Smashed the past and messed the whole thing......
Abney Park - No Life
I do not belong in this life
I do not belong in this house
I do not belong in this job
I do not belong in this world
Abney Park - Herr Drosselmeyer′s Doll
Herr Drosselmeyer′s Doll
There she is on the stage
Spinning as she sprawls
Thank God the curtains fall
Abney Park - The Emperor′s Wives
Deep, dark forest kingdom
Under banyan covered skies
Lived a king with untold riches;
Jewels, gold, and two fair wives.
Abney Park - I Am Streched On Your Grave
I am stretched on your grave
And I′ll lie there forever
If your hands were in mine
I′d be sure we′d not sever
Abney Park - Change Case
I take a steam train to work
Just like the one my father took
And I pass over the walls
I see the people as I look
Abney Park - Building The Walls
One hundred years ago isn′t long
Would you be blamed for another′s......
Generations claiming retribution
While your poets & your prophets are yelling......
Abney Park - Bleed You
And I need you
And I grieve you, darlin′
And I bleed you
But I still see what I will be
Abney Park - Downtrodden
Once I was complete,
The earth, firm, under my feet,
My back was strong, my body fleet,
Now I ache allover.

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