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ABC - Bad Blood
Somehow someway somewhere

Bad blood - When you speak you know......
Bad blood - all your kisses now I′ll......
ABC - All That Matters
I believe that this world was made for......
I can see all that wealth won′t make a......

All that matters in my world {life}
ABC - All Of My Heart
Once upon a time when we were friends
I gave you my heart. The story ends
No happy ever after, now were friends

ABC - North
Sun beats hard

On Sunset Boulevard

ABC - Never More Than Now
I had dreams and crazy schemes

Never felt this way before

ABC - Jealous Lover
To all of those who had their doubts
Now those doubts I forgive them
To everyone who′s led one life
Then love life it′s humble rhythm
ABC - Faraway
What a state to be in
It′s a world of indecision
So self destructive
And such an ugly business
ABC - 15 Storey Halo
It′ll never happen until you remove
Until you flatten your 10-20-30-40-15 storey......

Bottle blondes and beach boys
ABC - Bite The Hand
With a little faith we could raise the land
With a little hope we could move as planned
With a little faith we could raise the land
With a little hope we could move as planned
ABC - Answered Prayer
Every problem has solutions
Look inside your heart, see what you might......
You can draw your own conclusions
There′s summer in your soul, winter in......
ABC - 4 Ever 2 Gether
Speak no

You can′t tell me, drugs you′re......
ABC - Many Happy Returns
When I accepted this job

I was resigned to my fate

ABC - King Money
Not what you are,
But what you′ve earned
Where Jack-Queen-King
Money′s concerned
ABC - How To Be A Millionaire
I′ve seen the future, I can′t......
Tell me the truth sir, someone just bought......
Say mr. whispers! Here come the click of......
Roulette and blackjacks - gonna build us a......
ABC - Fear Of The World
There′s so much panic in this world
But we are living in the best
Of all possible worlds

ABC - By Default By Design
By default by design
Time after time
Maybe you earned it,
Maybe you spurned it
ABC - Ark Angel
Red ribbon rainbow
A garland of gold for your hair
Wherever you go
I see faith crush despair
ABC - A To Z
verse 1:
abc 123 dance with me can′t you sing
cause abc 123 come on sing the alpabet with......
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ABC - Love Conquers All
L-O-V-E love conquers all

ABC - Light Years
** Sitting watching stars exploding
Building blocks that make
This world go round
On some distant planet cluster
ABC - Date Stamp
This heart′s up for sale
Yeah, this heart′s on the stand
Mix and match and melt in my mouth
Nothing ever goes quite as planned
ABC - Hey Citizen
Here they come,
Slumming their way outta the Jacuzzi,
Well, I′ve lived in a slum, sugar......
Hit and run
ABC - Ask A Thousand Times
When I′m high, you′re low
When I′m up, you′re down
And we′re never around
When we need each other
ABC - Be Near Me
The message is perfectly simple
The meaning is clear
And don′t disappear
No don′t disappear
ABC - King Without A Crown
Welcome to the great republic
Guess I should show you round
Where once I was a king
And now I am a clown
ABC - Between You And Me
So trouble comes strolling through the door
But anything worth having′s worth......
Fiction or fact you′ll supply the plot
We′ll both be featured - like it or......
ABC - If I Ever Thought You′d Be Lonely
Hold a candle to a naked flame
Ask the atheist his Christian name
Try parachuting from a burning plane
Finding someone else you could blame
ABC - I′m In Love With You
I-I would swim the seven seas
I-I would crawl upon my knees
I-I Climb mountains high for you
I-I would guarantee your every dream come......
ABC - Heaven Knows
I have tried
To make it on my own
And I have survived
But surviving is no rival
ABC - Love′s A Dangerous Language
Love′s a dangerous language

Survey the damage

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