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A Day To Remember - You Had Me At Hello
I′m missing you so much, I′ll......
Just so I can get to you before the sun will......
I know the signs are on and I feel this too
None of that ever seems to matter when......
A Day To Remember - If it Means A Lot to You
Hey darling, I hope you′re good......
And I know you don′t feel right when......
Yeah, I want it but no, I don′t need......
Tell me something sweet to get me by
A Day To Remember - Casablanca Sucked Anyway
I’ve spent so much time trying to fix your......
This time I’m putting my foot straight......
You wont be walking through any of my doors......
So tell me what’s so wrong with me that you......
A Day To Remember - Speak Of The Devil
this is my vengeance for all the wrongs
you′ve formed against us
you always get me wrong
my whole existence revolves around the......
A Day To Remember - Since U Been Gone
Here′s the thing we started out......
It was cool but it was all pretend
Yeah yeah
Since U Been Gone
A Day To Remember - Colder Than My Heart If......
Don′t point your finger baby
This isn′t the best time for you to......
"Now the message isn′t for anyone......
It wasn′t you or anyone I would lie......
A Day To Remember - A Shot In The Dark
lets take them back to the days
when we were family
my breath was your breath when we were young
i think it′s funny how the times have......
A Day To Remember - The Danger In Starting A......
so now you′ll know exactly what it......
to be an obstacle in my way
you won′t remain
you won′t remain
A Day To Remember - Your Way With Words Is......
If actions spoke louder than words,......
You make it seem so easy to love me for who......

It′d break my heart, if we fell apart.
A Day To Remember - The Price We Pay
Days rolled on
Shout it out loud
Days rolled on
We know the price we pay
A Day To Remember - A Second Glance
This is for you (this is for you).
You′re the one worth waiting for.
You′re all I ever needed in this life.

A Day To Remember - Start The Shooting
Hey boys, look where we are
This town ain′t big enough for the......
So get ready to run
This all goes to show
A Day To Remember - Sound The Alarm
I′m your alpha and omega,
I am invincible.

A Day To Remember - Heartless
For once my eyes are open to you, and......
For once your web of lies is in the open.
I gave you everything I had, until I had......
Now you act as if I′m just a burden.
A Day To Remember - Fast Forward To 2012
We welcome you to the second chapter
thanks for turning the other page
We acknowledge you as the only reason
for the progress that we′ve made
A Day To Remember - Monument
It′s Monday morning
And I would kill for a chance to drive
Get so far away from here with you my dear
That I′ll never leave your side
A Day To Remember - If Looks Could Kill
Something’s wrong and it’s not me for once,......
but I hate the way you look straight through......
What have I don’t that’s so wrong?
Remember me when I’m so far from your reach,
A Day To Remember - 1958
You′ve sunk lower than I′ve ever......
and even though you deserved this
I tried to catch your fall
I′ve grown so tired of your childish......
A Day To Remember - The Plot To Bomb The......
I′ve learned to let go
Come on

Here′s a middle finger
A Day To Remember - Here′s To The Past
Let′s all think back on what brought......
This is my grasp on what is real
Don′t tell me how I feel
With all that′s passed I can′t......
A Day To Remember - You Should Have Killed......
So I say goodbye to a town that has ears and......
I can hear you whispering as I walk by
Familiar faces smiling back at me and I knew
This would make them change
A Day To Remember - I Heard It′s The......
tonight i′m sending you a message
this is the end of an era
the end of second chances
in the face of defeat
A Day To Remember - Why Walk On Water, When......
Watch what you say on the stand.......
I know more than you think and your words......
Of all the heavenly host′s!
This will all make sense when the records......
A Day To Remember - Show ′em The Ropes
just hold your breath
to make sure you wont wake up again
cause you ruined my 04
that′s the best that i could hope for

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