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A Camp - Frequent Flyer
Would you help me pack my bags?, I might be......
I need some sweet assistance while I′m......
Some of your time
I hope that′s fine
A Camp - I Can Buy You
a life of sanity and dignity
you know it takes two
and what′s the use in being a......
if I can′t have you
A Camp - The Bluest Eyes In Texas
the lonesome texas sun was setting low
and in the rearview mirror i watched it go
i can still see the wind in her golden hair
i close my eyes for a moment, i′m......
A Camp - Song For The Leftovers
The night is on the edge now
Hanging low against the tide
The world is at its best now
When the loveless ones collide
A Camp - Elephant
I caught you smiling
with pointed teeth
what once was beautiful
has turned bitter and cheap
A Camp - Algebra
Why can′t you just forget about......
It′s all about you now
And all your talk of logic and formula
Could never help you now
A Camp - Oddness Of The Lord
Come on baby sing
Of the oddness of the lord
It′s about time we sang
Of the strange ways of the lord
A Camp - The Same Old Song
Here′s my prayer
I′m getting nowhere
I′m stepping up the stairs
But falling behind, ooh
A Camp - Walking The Cow
im walking the cow all over the land
and i fart whenever i can
Tryin′ not to as hard as i can
it smells like cow shit
A Camp - Silent Night
Baby brown
I think I need you now
to put me down
and help me lift me up
A Camp - Hard As A Stone
In the morning and in the evening
When you think you′re alone
Too many hours in your apartment
Has made me hard a stone
A Camp - Angel Of Sadness
Something′s waching over me
There′s someone in my house that i......
I′ve asked her many times to leave
She tells me she′s not evil
A Camp - Such A Bad Comedown
I danced for a while
and my moves would make you smile
oh, I loved you then
my dear chemical lover
A Camp - Charlie Charlie
I met a boy called Charlie Charlie
On the 4th of September last year
He was 21 and once a teenage star
So sweeten the way he appeared
A Camp - Rock′n Roll Ghost
Well you know
And you go
When i′m alone
I have no cause
A Camp - Deceased
I′m not here to harm you
So let me disarm you, you′ll see what......
I′m yours for you already know me
Stay with me and show me the way to my......

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