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A-ha - The Way We Talk
Sometimes the way we talk isn′t all......
We can′t change though we know we......

Baby, these fights we have aren′t......
A-ha - The Company Man
Andy was the company man
Responsible for signing the band
Songs came out of our mouths
And into his hands
A-ha - Sycamore Leaves
Can′t stop thinking ′bout it
It fills me with unease
Out there by the roadside something′s......
Under sycamore leaves
A-ha - Out Of Blue Comes Green
My wings are clipped
See the steps that made me trip
Now I′m so lonely
A-ha - Move To Memphis
Walked around no one around
You were the one who taught me
This old town brings me down
A-ha - Love Is Reason
My breath was coming fast
And as i make a start
You turn to go
oh, oh
A-ha - I Dream Myself Alive
Dream my self alive
I dream my self alive
But you can′t deny
There′s something dark
A-ha - Between Your Mama And Yourself
Hey listen honey
Something you should know
This can′t wait
I′ve been meaning to tell you
A-ha - (Seemingly) Nonstop July
Walking by strangers
Stranger than me
We talk of the future
Between you and me
A-Ha - Make It Soon
I watch my love she′s sleeping
The air around her deepened
Tomorrow she will smile again
Tomorrow she′ll get wild again
A-ha - You Are The One
You are the one who has done me
Guess you knew from the start
I call again, but there′s no one in
Don′t know where, with whom......
A-ha - White Dwarf
There′s a big, black picture and......
With stars and all the planets, the milky......
And in the left hand corner, perhaps a small......
Ready to explode, implode I really......
A-ha - Turn The Lights Down
Turn the lights on the night is too long
Keep yourself warm I′m coming home
I cannot help you, you yourself must see
Decide now on what you want to be
A-ha - Rolling Thunder
It′s the weight below us
And our fate before us
Like a rolling thunder
Rolling up from under
A-ha - Over The Treetops
Hey, beautiful farm on the top of the hill
Whenever I pass by
I′m thinking I will
Find someone like you
A-ha - Oranges On Appletrees
Oranges on apple trees
Birds that mate with bumblebees
Oranges on apple trees
Water comes and water goes
A-ha - How Sweet It Was
Uh...yeah, that′s alright
Lend us a voice in this howling night

Just about a month ago
A-Ha - The Swing Of Things
You say the world′s an eventful place
You give me news
I don′t want to know
You say that I should care
A-ha - You′ll Never Get Over Me
And you say you wanna run
You′re not the only one
Not the only one

A-ha - I′ve Been Losing You
It wasn′t the rain that washed away...
Rinsed out the colours of your eyes
Putting the gun down on the bedside table
I must have realized
A-ha - I Wish I Cares
To hold me closer or set me free
To trust completely or let it be
You don′t know my destiny
You can′t see what I can see
A-ha - I Won′t Forget Her
I won′t forget her
She was once my love

When I hold you in my arms
A-ha - Mary Ellen Makes The Moment...
Mary cries out: "for the love of God"
As she′s walking out of the laundromat
Down the street and it′s the short way......
Feeling special cause she′s so alone
A-ha - There′s Never A Forever Thing
Close your eyes now
Don′t you cry
It′s all right
A-ha - There′s A Reason For It
Don′t know how it got away from me
Don′t know how I let things go, you......
Don′t know why it took a sudden turn
Didn′t seem to be a big concern
A-ha - We′re Looking For The Whales
One left low left two who left high
They seem so hard to find
Three came twice took once the time
To search...
A-ha - You′ll End Up Crying
You′ll end up crying
With your mother′s eyes
Pretend you can′t see yourself
Could have been better
A-ha - Cannot Hide
Can you see me baby
Standing in the light
I feel your cat′s eyes on me
Faster in the night
A-ha - Don′t Do Me Any Favors
You offer your assistance
But you won′t accept my help
You draw your own conclusions
And there′s room for little else
A-ha - Living A Boy′s Adventure Tale
I′ve fixed my dwelling for the night
Lights in pairs come passing by
where I hide
I need some time now on my own

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