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A-Ha - Keeper Of The Flame
Give it up for rock′n roll
Give it up for rock
Give it up for how it made you feel
Give it up for vinyl days
A-Ha - Manhattan Skyline
We sit and watch umbrellas fly
I′m trying to keep my newspaper dry
I hear myself say,
"My boat′s leaving now"
A-Ha - Crying In The Rain
I′ll never let you see
The way my broken heart is hurting me
I′ve got my pride and I know how to......
All my sorrow and pain
A-Ha - Birthright
You don′t wanna hang around
Said you were leaving town for the summer
At least till sundown
Cuz time ain′t gonna grind you down,
A-ha - East Of The Sun
Half of a letter
Tells half a story
The way I see it
It′s half the worry
A-Ha - Scoundrel Days
Spring was never waiting for us dear
It ran one step ahead
As we followed in the dance
MacArthur′s Park is melting in the......
A-ha - Thought That It Was You
I thought that it was you
The things you saw me do
They were true

A-ha - Lamb To The Slaughter
I went down to the water
Like a lamb to the slaughter
Didn′t know
What was waiting for me there
A-ha - The Weight Of The Wind
Your face looked new against the town
You′ve come to lose some memories
Like you came to touch new grounds

A-Ha - The Summers Of Our Youth
There′s nothing you can say
To make me change my mind
It happens all the time
Just let the plot unwind
A-ha - Memorial Beach
I pace the length of my unmade room
In times of change
My bags are packed, guess I′m leaving
the womb
A-ha - Here I Stand And Face The Rain
Help me
I need your love
Don′t walk away
The dark scares me so
A-ha - Cosy Prisons
Take a moment if you dare
Catch yourself a breath of air
There′s another life out there
And you should try it
A-ha - Barely Hanging On
I used to be so sensible on my own
Now I′m so sensitive it′s a joke
I′m getting by on decibels like a drug
And greet every brand
A-ha - Time & Again
The sun brought me
The moon caught me
The wind fought me
The rain got me
A-ha - Slender Frame
Your coat is hanging loosely
On your slender frame
There′s many roads to leave by
But few come back again
A-ha - Halfway Through The Tour
Halfway through the tour
We′ll be somewhere else tomorrow
Halfway through the tour
We′ll be somewhere else tomorrow
A-ha - This Alone Is Love
This alone is love
No small thing
This alone is love
That my love brings
A-ha - Lie Down In Darkness
With all our goals and destinations...
Everything must be this way
Vague are hopes
That try our patience
A-ha - Cry Wolf
"Night I left the city,
I dreamt of a wolf..."

He came from where the winds are cold
A-ha - Cold River
I took a ride in an automobile
Pushed my hands out against the wheel

Asked a girl if she needed a ride
A-ha - And You Tell Me
Please don′t hurt me
I have told you
All my love is all i′ve got
And tomorrow is the day
A-ha - Afternoon High
The sunlight hits the corner of your eye
As it bounces off the morning sky
The summer in the 70s fly by
A-Ha - Holy ground
Take your pride
and lift it high
I′ve come to say goodbye
You′ve got your live
A-ha - Touchy!
Donna found us in her slow and dreamy way
I can′t hear a word the waiter says
She′s looking older now...
The color of her hair
A-ha - Soft Rains Of April
The soft rains of April are over
The soft rains of April are over, over

Anybody home now
A-ha - Little Black Heart
I never saw sunlight
Burn as bright
I never felt darkness
The way I feel it tonight
A-ha - Less Than Pure
We′re going to go downtown
I hear this great new place has opened up
And when we get there
I don′t know It′s taken ages
A-ha - White Canvas
Stories are painted
In lines on your face
And little mistakes
A-ha - Train Of Thought
He likes to have the morning paper′s
Crossword solved
Words go up words come down
Forwards backwards twisted round

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