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A-ha - I Dream Myself Alive (текст песни)

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I Dream Myself Alive

Dream my self alive
I dream my self alive
But you can′t deny
There′s something dark
Against the light
All i can say
It doesn′t have to be this way
We′ll be chasing our tails madly
See days pass like wildfire
Right from the start
I knew this world would break my heart

I dream my self alive
Dream my self alive
I dream my self alive
Break my heart
And dream my self alive
What can it mean

I′m drawing pictures of the sea
Right from the start
I knew this girl would break my heart

Dream my self alive
Dream my self alive
I dream my self alive
Dream my self alive
Dream my self alive
I dream my self alive

@ A-Ha

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Испонитель: A-ha
Название песни: I Dream Myself Alive
Количество просмотров: 81
Количество сообщений: 0

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