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A-ha - Velvet
Her skin is like velvet
Her face cut from stone
Her eyes when she′s smiling
Will never reach home
A-ha - Summer moved on
Summer moved on
And the way it goes
You can′t tag along

A-Ha - Take On Me
We′re talking away
I don′t know what
I′m to say I′ll say it anyway
Today′s another day to find you
A-ha - Angel In The Snow
Angel, angel or so
Wherever you may go
Hmm, yeah...
I′ll follow
A-Ha - Maybe Maybe
Maybe you were joking
When you said that you were
walking out on me
Maybe, maybe
A-ha - The Living Daylights
Hey driver, where′re we going
I swear my nerves are showing
Set your hopes up way too high
The living′s in the way we die
A-ha - To Let You Win
You know I always had the strength to fight
But I got tired of the wars at night
Thinking they would end if I gave in
But I wasn′t strong enough
A-ha - Cold As Stone
You′re back again
You roam the streets
And crack again
You′re back again
A-Ha - Lifelines
One time - to know that it′s real
one time - to know how it feels
that′s all
One call - your voice on the phone
A-ha - The Sun Always Shines On T.V
Touch me
How can it be
Believe me
The sun always shines on T.V
A-Ha - Analogue
Come back, my darling one
I′m calling on you
The road ahead is long
And I must warn you
A-ha - The Blood That Moves The Body
It′s the way we feel
As if it′s all unreal
All right
A-ha - Locust
Don′t be afaid
It′s a harmless moon
All we can do
Is to assume
A-ha - Forever not yours
Hold me tight
This is a lonely night
And I′ve hurt you baby
Because you are my light
A-ha - The Blue Sky
I find it hard to breathe
As life just eats away
At the faces that surround me
They look tired today
A-ha - Hunting High And Low
Here I am
And within the reach of my hands
She′s sound asleep and she′s......
Than the wildest dream could have seen her
A-ha - Dragonfly
I will never let you down
I will always be around

In the time we are here
A-ha - You Wanted More
You know the way
You′ve been before
I′ve seen the signs
Outside your door
A-ha - Waiting For Her
Waiting for her
That′s all I ever do
Waiting for her

A-Ha - A Fine Blue Line
Take a look and see
What′s become of me
Remember how it used to be
People that we′d meet
A-ha - October
Dawn awaits a sleepless, English town
Of coloured gray
Here I roam the streets without you
As summer fades away
A-ha - Solace
Some sign of forgiveness
Some form of release
Is all that she asks for
Is all that she needs
A-ha - Early Morning
Early morning
Eight o′clock precise
I see the lonely August sun arise

A-ha - Celice
It′s in the way you hurt me
I know that I′m alive
A-ha - A Little Bit
And it will take a little bit of extra time
To make it shine, to make it shine
And it will take a little bit of extra care
To bring it where you think it′s there......
A-ha - Stay On These Roads
The cold has a voice
It talks to me
Stillborn, by choice
It airs no need to hold
A-ha - Dark Is The Night
It′s time we said goodbye
Time now to decide
O′ don′t you feel so small
Dark is the night for all
A-ha - Hurry Home
Hurry home
Freight train running
I′ve been gone
Too long, honey
A-ha - The Sun Never Shone That Day
Touch me
How can it be
Believe me
The sun always shines on T.V
A-ha - I Call Your Name
We got married on a cold mid-winter′s......
We said our lines
Then kissed
And it was over

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