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Валлериус ВиноградовВаллериус Виноградов
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Peace Off

Together you and I will find the reason why we feel so insecure and feeling are this pure For you to live alone is not the biggest fun I lie alone in bed and need your love instead YOUR PIECE OF MIND DOESN'T SHOW AND THOSE WHO SPEAK DO NOT KNOW WHAT LOVE PEACE OFF In your neurotic mind nobody's treated kind but I entreat you here please run to me my Dear Whoever comes your way this love is here to stay I know it sounds absurd but this is what I've heard 09 02 21

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Метки: Cinabro, American Girl, Рандеву на ул.ГО, Szakrop, High City Pain, the Ultimate Recuperator, Candour de Valerie, Cosmic Posture
Рубрика: Музыка ~ Рок/Альтернатива/Панк ~ Арт-рок
Опубликовано: 09.02.2021


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