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Don′t Be Sad

I used the poem by his wife, Janet, to do a song:

The day we met my heart was yours
I gave you love, I gave support
I held your hand, I led the way
I gave you - another day

Our love is strong
Our hearts are one

Together we will carry on
My love for you will never die
Your love for me is still alive
the time has come for you to leave
so take my hand and trust in me

Don't be sad
Don't be blue

For we will never be apart
Take my love and hold it tight
and rest in peace every night
with all my love
your little Whitedove

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Метки: Cinabro, American Girl, Рандеву на ул.ГО, Kardot, High City Pain, the Ultimate Recuperator, Candour de Valerie, Cosmic Posture, Mister Moonlight
Рубрика: Музыка ~ Рок/Альтернатива/Панк ~ Арт-рок
Опубликовано: 24.07.2020


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