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I Fell For You

I never danced with another after I noticed you I came to you like a brother no matter what you do And I could love you forever and think of only you but now is closest to never I only hope it′s true SINCE I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY I′M AFTER YOU BABY IF YOU ONLY KNEW JUST HOW MUCH I FELL FOR YOU People can hardy believe it watching the thing I do baby you know I need it maybe you need it too After it all was over memories came to stay somebody was my lover the one who′s not today 06 01 19

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Метки: группа Супер-Дупер
Рубрика: Музыка ~ Рок/Альтернатива/Панк ~ Арт-рок
Опубликовано: 07.01.2019

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