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Best of Slow Blues and Blues Rock

I am very sorry to say that the video I uploaded is actually not the original video from Channel Ahmet Alintas as the source of the video, but after I checked it and found that the Channels The real source is the property of Don "s Tunes with the Original Title is" Whiskey Blues | Best of Slow Blues / Rock # 2 ".
Don "s Tunes′ original links are as follows:

For this matter, I with all the utmost respect I submit an apology from him, hopefully not criticized and angry. Once again I apologize. Already uploaded from the wrong source.

Please all of you if you want to see the original video source of this video, you can watch it on the channel of Don "s Tune on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eabz_MOhYeA&t=48s
or to the Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYY_YLVWFI_IZ51Eu6x9bgA

00:00 Adam Holt - The End
06:20 Gary B.B. Coleman - St. James Infirmary
11:10 12 Bar Blues Band - Love That Burns
18:10 Jimmy Joe′s Band - I Loved Another Woman
24:05 Big Daddy G - If This Is Love
30:05 Kim Wilson - Five Long Years
36:50 The Chris Cain Band - Late Night City Blues
48:28 Blues Underground - The Sky Is Crying (Medley)
55:05 The Volker Strifler Band - I Smell Trouble
59:37 Working Blues Band - You Were Late Last Night

#bestofblues #bestofslowblues #whiskeyblues
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