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My ancestor, Sobakin Michael G.! Michael G. Sobakin (1720 — 6 (17) Feb 1773) — Russian poet of the classical period, Senator, privy councillor,. The grandson of the court of Mikhail Nikiforovich Sobakina.The love of poetry in my blood!

It is my firm belief that all good strong poems from heaven and right into your ears dictate what kind of creative force,and the weak bad can we say ourselves! Sad ,but a fact!I firmly believe that there is God - the Lord....and only he gives people the talent!Every person is talented sure,but he can live life,like not knowing about your talent!And what a blessing When the Lord allows a person to see your talent,to be involved in his talent and give it to the people! Dear readers....please do not confuse the subjects of my poems , with my personal life ! Different stories - this is the fruit of imagination and of my observations !

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