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The Bacon Brothers - Kikko′s Song

Are you getting dragged? Let go
In the rip tide, go with the flower
And are your hands on fire from that boat you row
Buddy take it slow

Just today
Giving up some of my power
Stop my run and smell the flower
And in Twenty-Four(24) short hours
See my worries float away
I′m gonna to redefine a winner
I′m gonna take time with my dinner
See my self as a beginner
And down this sweet road is the way, hey-hey
Just today, hey-hey, just today

Am I the eagle? Am I the crow?
Am I the arrow or the bow?
All this time I thought I had, where did it go?
Where did it go?

Just today
I will walk right by the mirror
Cause it never made things clearer
I will take in all I hear
Or let the silence be ok
Close my eyes and feel the blindness
If all the treasure I can fine is
Just a random act of kindness
And a day′s work with out pay
Just today, hey-hey, Just today

Looking through my half filled cup, I can see the sun come up and feel the chill of morning air and children′s voices everywhere, oh

Just today
I′ll be minding my own business
Cause this house in which I live is
Where I′ll try to find forgiveness
For the thinks that people say
I will live through this day only
Be alone and not be lonely
I won′t let tomorrow own me
Hear that voice inside me say, hey-hey, you gonna be ok, hey-hey, Just today, hey-hey, Just today
Just today

Стиль: Rock
Время создания трека: май 2009 г.
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Метки: The Bacon Brothers, Kevin Bacon, Michael Bacon, New Years Day 2009, Kikko′s Song, 2009-2010
Рубрика: Музыка ~ Рок/Альтернатива/Панк ~ Counry-Rock
Опубликовано: 04.02.2019

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