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Breath of Death - Silence and sin of soul

Silence and the sin of the soul, I shall always store it,
Your pain will pass, I promise you,
Silence and the sin of the soul, we were young and wild,
Now we are punished, it is our cross.

1. We searched for new adventures for ourselves,
Did not think of an another′s pain,
All doors were opened for us in this world,
And we wished to live.

2. We took from our life everything up to the last drop,
We made many sins and mistakes,
But we did not think of it and went on our way,
Now we in the hell.

3. We were told, that we are children of the devil and the hell,
It was the truth and we knew it,
But it did not stop us, we were moved by madness,
We found pleasure in it.

Альбом "Dawn of the dead" 2009 год.
Музыка и тексты Александр Пермяков.
Скачать mp3/320 kbps можно здесь: http://yadi.sk/d/6wTnca2t11vms

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Опубликовано: 09.06.2013


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