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Chris Rea - E (Lyrics)

"E" from The Road to Hell: Part 2 1999 album by Chris Rea, released ten years after to his smash sequel 1989 album ′The Road To Hell′.11 tracks, including the single ′New Times Square′.


Chris Rea – vocals, guitar
Tommy Willis – guitar, amplifiers
Bud Beadle – saxophone
Neil Amor – engineer
Arun Chakraverty – mastering
Julie Isaac – backing vocals
Debbie Longworth – backing vocals
Written-By, Composed By, Arranged By – Chris Rea

"E" is one of the most enigmatic songs of Chris Rea.
“E,” is a particularly strong intellectual letter and the numerical equivalent of 5.
It represents the five senses.
The fifth letter of the modern English alphabet.
"E" in Music:
a. The third tone in the scale of C major or the fifth tone in the relative minor scale.
b. A key or scale in which E is the tonic.
c. A written or printed note representing this tone.
d. A string, key, or pipe tuned to the pitch of this tone.

According to the Greek Alphabet Code, , the letter Ε(Epsilon), expresses the sense of Motion-Movement-Course-Expansion and it’s easy to comprehend if we consider that when we call somebody from afar, we use it, (Hey… you! Hey Alex…).
So, when phonetically using Ε… and sometimes, along with a tense of our hands towards someone, shows the effort of our existence to expand and communicate with the person that is away.
Wondering what E hidden meaning is...E-arth, Ancient Greek letter epsilon, ′Ε′ derivation source, E-nergy, E-xistance, E-lement.................................

On 16-11-1999 Chris Rea in an interview to "The Daily Mirror" makes a brave reference, as a concerned parent, discussing the issue of drugs (in general) and their influence on young people.
...after a session round the kitchen table with his daughter′s schoolmates....Chris discuss the point and these young people seem to feel more open with Chris than with their parents.
That′s why he keeps on repeating in the song: "what′s so wrong with "E", let′s talk about it, let′s talk about it..."

- Drugs like Ecstasy are around, kids are using them..to deny that is to stick our heads in the sand.
It may shock some of his well-heeled Thames Valley neighbors to know it but Chris wrote "E" one of the more hard-hitting songs on his album The Road to Hell Part 2, after a see-skin round the kitchen table with his daughter′s schoolmates-

E is for the comfort, you give to me
E is for the peace, I feel inside
E is for the good times that go against the bad times
E is for the world you gave us and left us here behind

They say, tell me what′s so wrong with E
That′s what I hear them say
Tell me what′s so wrong with E
That′s what I hear them say let′s talk about it

E is for the reason
To live through urban gray
E is for the warm glow
That takes the fear away

Show us what is better
Why don′t you stand inside these shoes
Oh, live with me each Monday
Let′s see what you would do

Which world do you live in?
Which world did you choose?
Hiding the tears, that′s all
No win, no lose

They say, tell me what′s so wrong with E
That′s what I hear them say
Tell me what′s so wrong with E
That′s what I hear them say let′s talk about it...

Е для комфорта дала ты мне-
Это- покой внутри души,
И для тех лучших дней,
Вместо тяжких дней,
Новый мир открыв нам-
И тебе, и мне.

Я слышу: «Скажи мне- что плохого в Е?»-
Они сказали мне-
«Скажи мне- что плохого в Е?»-
Они сказали мне-
Поговорим об этом...

Е- есть причина жить в серых городах,
И для мягкого света, что развевает страх.
Подскажет то, что лучше- как просто стать другим,
Будь каждый понедельник со мною лишь одним…

Припев (2 раза)

В чьём мире живёшь ты?
Что выбрала ты?
И слёзы ты прячешь среди пустоты-
Ни да, ни нет…

This video has been published with absolute respect and admiration to Chris Rea′s music !

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