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Иосиф Латман
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Yosef Latman

                                            All rights reserved to the author

                         SNOW IS FALLING...
(Free translation from Russian by the author Yosef Latman)

Snow is falling... Snowflakes weightless ,
white as fluff poplars′, covered the steppes...
Peace and quiet... Not a blade of grass...

Wind, coming, having pleaded guilty, tries
is repenting morning: in that he is at deaf night,
in kingdom of Peace and quiet, with his all might
by shouts and impulses, and whistle,
blinding the willows with snow prickly,
has been tearing off them shawls and necklaces,
at times bringing them to strong stresses.

Poor willows! What do you want from them, cold wind?!..-
And without you they cry, as in life′s dark days.
But look! With the bustle night′s, behind the ravine,
And your happiness can to gallop off into darkness..

No one can′t hold him back by shouting and whistling
Or by crying of an offended willow,
Or having lured him by a trinket-necklaces, or
Playing him by flattering speeches along, with cunning.

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Рубрика: Литература ~ Поэзия ~ Лирика философская
Опубликовано: 30.01.2021


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