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PLASMODIVM - lost dreams

Artist: Plasmodivm
Title: The Post-Modern Prometheus
Format: Album
Label: Caustic Records
Genre: Dark Electro, Futurepop
Release date: February 25, 2011

The debut, “Paradise Under Fire” was released back in 2008. Now, three years later Sandro Veras return with his dark EBM project Plasmodivm and release the second studio album “The Post-Modern Prometheus”.

Sandro Veras started Plasmodivm back in 1999. The first demo demo was finished in 2006 and labels like Decadance Records, Negative Gain and BLC captured the attention of this promising act. Shortly after, the band signed with Spanish label Caustic Records to release the debut album “Paradise Under Fire” which was released in 2008. The work on the second studio album started in early 2009 and was recorded from January that year to September 2010.

The album kicks off in great way with the amazing “I Have Killed A Man”. The mix of both harsh distorted vocals and actual singing is really cool and that the track has an amazing refrain just does it even better. The music is a mixture of dark EBM with Futurepop and influences from bands such as SITD, Destroid or Imperative Reaction is notable, or even a lighter version of Hocico at some points.

I really love how the track “Dead Inside” begins. I gives away both a very beautiful and creepy atmosphere at the same time with the tunes and lyrics to a part of the childs song “Twinkle Little Star”. This is also yet another track that mix both heavy distorted vocals with actual singing. But here you get the distorted one on the refrain instead. Sandro knows how to deliver great melodies and heavy beats to create a good track with emotional lyrics with an outstanding voice.

I feel that halfway through the album it takes a different path. The sound and vocals is darker compared to the first part, except the track “A New Beginning”.

Besides a few downsides on the second half, overall this is a really great album.


01. I Have Killed a Man
02. Instinto Homicida
03. Voices
04. Dead Inside
05. Vía Negativa
06. Unbreakable Will
07. Post-Modern/Post-Human
08. The Beginning of My End
09. The Fear of Being Alive
10. High-Speed Collision
11. Smashing White Pills
12. A New Beginning
13. Lost Dreams
14. Réquiem

Стиль: Dark EBM
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