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Ninth form. Words. Belief in superstitions.

"We must live rationally"-
You'll say. But sometimes
We need something fairy,
Like rainbow or sunrise.

"Why?"- you will ask. "What's the matter with you?
All of these are old wives' tales, superstitions.
Do you believe in shooting star? But you knew
That all of such things were only funny traditions".

They're a load of rubbish for romantic girls.
Don't pay your attention on silly coincidences.
If she's got lucky charm that she never concerns
Of how to overcome problems such passing her exams.

I trouble for you. You've become too anxious.
If you believe in four-leaf clover or full moon
You've got wrong attitude to these ancient traditions
And I want to reassure you. It's only point of view.

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Рубрика: Литература ~ Поэзия ~ Стихи для детей
Опубликовано: 25.03.2020


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